2015   MAMMA MIA!

14 - 29 August 2015


Set in a beach resort in the Mediterranean, Mamma Mia! tells the story of Sophie, a bride-to-be with one wish - to have her absent father walk her down the aisle.  After reading passages about three old lovers in her mother's diary, Sophie sends each a wedding invitation in the hopes of learning which one her dad is.  The arrival of the men from her past is surprising to Donna, Sophie's fiercely independent mother, who prides herself on getting through life without a man, and highly amusing to Donna's two best gal pals.  The more Sophie and her mother struggle to find truth
and understanding, the more it threatens to tear them
apart and wreck Sophie's dream wedding.



DONNA - Val Andrew
TANYA - Amy Hunt
ROSIE - Katte Johnston
SAM - Gary Clark
HARRY - Steve Jenkins
BILL - Ben Jones
SOPHIE - Alexia Clark
SKY - Michael Doody
LISA - Madison Horman
ALI - Rebecca Palmer
PEPPER - Nikora Lewis
EDDIE - Tyrell Beck



Nick Ross, Geordie Rogers, Jason Ngarimu, Lewis Halewood,
Solomon Gray, Anthony Marsh, Stephen Gregory, Harley Callaghan,
Jason Harkett, Kiata O'Sullivan, Norton McCormick, Alex Dinniss,
Ashleigh Blummont, Cara Hesselin, Georgia Randle, Jess Linsley,
Kate Duggan, Kate Petherick, Lorna Stanley, Paula Fredericks,
Ruby Jamieson, Tayla Clark


Backing Vocalists

Andrea Cawood, Barb Pritchard, Belinda Burgiss, Bob Lissington,
Danielle MacDonald, Danny Goodman, Deb McDonald, Erica Ward,
Gail Lucinsky, Hayden Giles, Jeff Paewai, John Gregory, Larry Walker,
Leith Marshall, Maryanne Kensington, Pat West, Sarah Donnelly,
Shane Brown, Terry Stewart, Trixie Gardner, Victoria Owen, 
Vishi Veerappan