2011	Breaking up is Hard to Do

31 March - 16 April 2011


The 60’s gave us … 

• The Ford Mustang
• The Touchtone telephone
• The Mini skirt and the music of Neil Sedaka

Now, the hits of Neil Sedaka are in one show. Breaking up is hard to do… but it has never been this funny!!!!!


Set at a Catskills resort in 1960, this enduring story presents many of Neil Sedaka's most popular songs (the score showcases a total of 19 Neil Sedaka classics), including "Love Will Keep Us Together", "Laughter In The Rain", "Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen" and "Where The Boys Are", spun together in a light-hearted tale of mistaken identity, friendship and love.

"Breaking Up Is Hard To Do" is the story of Lois and Marge, two friends from Brooklyn in search of good times and romance over one wild Labor Day weekend.

Marge's fiancé has called off their wedding. Her best friend, Lois, is determined to cheer her up and get her back on the market and dating again, so they head for the Catskills and Esther's Paradise Resort.  In the course of their wild weekend getaway, the girls meet some very colourful characters at the resort.

Journey back to a more innocent time and relive summers gone by with all the trials, tribulations and emotional upheavals of teenage life and love. Baby Boomers will rejoice with this musical journey down memory lane!


Marge - Janine Bonny
Lois - Amy Burlace
Gabe - Andrew Norman
Del - Jeremy Matthews
Esther - Jackie McKenzie
Harvey - Danny Goodman
Dolores - Maria Merrick