2010 Leader of the Pack

25 November - 18 December 2010


A dark comedy that takes place in suburban America. Doug has landed his dream gig - he is about to join the Venture Scouts (a Boy-Scout-like organization) as a Troop Leader. He is taking over for his childhood mentor, Jerry, the former leader of Venture Scout Troop 544 who has been offered a plush job at the Venture Scout National Headquarters. The film takes place over the course of a day, as Jerry shows Doug the ropes before his initiation ceremony. An old, corrupt regime is leaving with a new one taking over - but not without conflict first. It is a story of power, corruption, and morality.

Song List
Act 1
    •     Be My Baby
    •     Wait 'til My Bobby Gets Home
    •     A … My Name Is Ellie
    •     Jivette Boogie Beat
    •     Why Do Lovers Break Each Other's Hearts
    •     Today I Met the Boy I'm Gonna Marry
    •     I Wanna Love Him So Bad
    •     Do Wah Diddy
    •     And Then He Kissed Me
    •     Hanky Panky
    •     Not Too Young To Get Married
    •     Chapel Of Love
    •     The Songwriter's Medley
    •    Baby, I Love You
    •    Leader Of The Pack
Act 2

    •     Look of Love
    •     Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
    •     I Can Hear Music
    •     Rock of Rages
    •    We're Gonna Make It After All
    •     Overture
    •     Da Doo Ron Ron
    •     River Deep, Mountain High
    •    Hanky Panky


Ellie Greenwich - Alice Johansen
Darlene Love - Erica Ward
Annie Golden - Mandy Watene
Jeff Barry - Paul Frost
Gus Sharkey - Andrew Norman
Backing Vocalists - Amy Burlace, Jody Marshall
Shelley - Ashleigh Blummont
Mickey - Kirsty Cowan


Conil Tod, Logan McBean, Nick Marshall, Zachary Davis, 
Candace McGrath, Narina Riddle

Rosie (Ellie’s Mother) - Wendy Newth