2009 	Miss Saigon

14 - 29 August 2009


Set in 1975 during the final days of the American occupation of Saigon, Miss Saigon is an epic love story about the relationship between an American GI and a young Vietnamese woman.  Kim is working in a sleazy Saigon night club owned by a notorious wheeler-dealer known as 'The Engineer'. John, an American GI, buys his friend Chris the services of Kim for the night. That night will change their lives forever.  Three years later, the US Army has fled Saigon. Chris has returned to America and, believing Kim is dead, marries an American women named Ellen.  However, unbeknown to Chris, Kim is alive, has left Saigon and is living in poverty with her three year old son, Tam, in Bangkok. When John tells Chris that Kim is alive and has bore Chris a son, Chris and Ellen go to Asia.  When Kim learns that Chris is in Bangkok with his new wife, all her hopes to be reunited with him disappear. She is desperate for her son to have a future in America with his father and will make the ultimate sacrifice to achieve this.


Kim - Melinda Chua
Chris - Bradford Meurk
The Engineer - Scott  Andrew
John - Chris Crowe
Ellen - Amy Hunt
Thuy - Kyle Chuen
Gigi - Carrie Green

Male Ensemble

Antony Riley, Andrew Norman, Ben Michael, Lindsay Yeo, Jared Gardner, Michael Jones, Greg Southey, Adam Jenkins, Zachary Davis, 
Kesava Beaney, 
Jacob Dale, Leith Marshall, James Ashton, Hayden Giles,
Jem Brusola, Masayuki Kato, Reo Takaoka, Peter Kwon, Jason Poon, Beau Tewhaiti, Ryotaro Natsume, Gabriel De Guzman

Female Ensemble            
Indah Mayasari, Siok Khim Taylor, Luana Henriques,
 Raine Trinidad, Jayna Lopa-Skinner, Jayna Lopa-Skinner, Amanda Celia Chudori, Shirley Ghozalli, Rika Sakai, Sasha Atmadjaja, Charlotte-Jane Kim, Eun Ji Yoon,
Chikako Natsume

Tam  - Nathan Soong, Jasmine Sami, Summer Villongco


Talia Chong Hamlin, Azhure Durston, Lucy Viles, Thomas Viles, 
Ronan Carroll, Matthew Brennan, 
Angela Agac-Ac, Angelo Agac-Ac


 Nicola Liddicoat, Emma Genet, Zoe Stinson, Susanna McGuire,
Charlotte Edwards, Emma McKendry

Backing Vocalists 

Shane Brown, Raelene Watts, Grant Miller, Danny Goodman, 
Maryanne Kensington, Pat West,
 Erica Ward, Andrea Cawood,
Emma Young