2007 Cabaret

3 - 19 May 2007


"There was a Cabaret and there was a master of ceremonies and there was a city called Berlin in a country called Germany.. It was the end or the worId and I was dancing with Sally Bowles ..... and we were both last asleep .......

In the midst of the Nazi uprising Bowles is trying to pursue a decadent lifestyle in a sleazy nightclub in the middle of Berlin. The time is 1933 and a young American writer Clifford Bradshaw arrives in town to pursue his great novel. Through a series of foreboding events Sally and Cliff discover love and friendship with unexpected conse-quences.

The foreboding Nazi regime hangs heavily on the shoulders of the German people. Through hope, greed and sadness we witness the demise of the characters. Their hopes, aspirations and the very question of life itself will be stripped to the very bone as the Nazi regime takes a strangle hold on their lives.

The final curtain will mark the final fall of Nazi Germany. A prophecy will be fulfilled as told by the last survivor seen scrubbing the war-torn floorboards as she reunites with the memories of her past 


Sally Bowles - Val Andrew

Cliff Bradshaw - Mark Edwards

Emcee - Scott Andrew

Fraulein Schneider - Wendy Newth

Herr Schultz - Bruce Sinclair

Ernst Ludwig - Dean O'Flaherty

Fraulein Kost - Calle Brooks 

Jacqui-May Allison, Paula Fredericks, Carrie Green, Andrea Potts,
Erin Simmons, Alanna Tong, Amy Hunt Lisa Stewart, Mike Delany,
Jared Gardner Matthew Martin, Liam Taylor, Jeremy Matthews

Keyboard/Band Leader - Melanie Smith
Keyboards/Synth - Nathan Ram
Drums/Percussion - Hamish Carrington
Musical Sequencing  -Melanie Smith