2006   Oliver!

3 - 12 August 2006


In Victorian England, Oliver Twist is the name given by a workhouse warden to a boy born in the workhouse orphanage, Oliver's mother who died in childbirth and whose identity is unknown. Now an adolescent, Oliver, who has never felt loved or accepted, manages to escape from both the harsh workhouse and his equally harsh placements "for sale". Managing to make his way to London, Oliver, feeling accepted for the first time in his life, is welcomed into a group of other young boys, headed by the Artful Dodger, who "make wallets" under the direction of Fagin. What Oliver is initially unaware of is that they are really a band of pickpockets, Fagin who hides away whatever riches he is able to obtain for his own personal benefit. One of Fagin's associates is the violent Bill Sikes, whose girlfriend, Nancy, is devoted to him despite his abuse of her. Oliver looks to Nancy as his one true friend, especially needed when he discovers what Fagin and the boys actually do. Oliver also comes to the attention of the wealthy Mr. Brownlow. Out of circumstance, Bill sees Oliver as both an asset and a liability, but one that needs to be kept enslaved under his direction. Nancy has to decide whether to be loyal to Bill to help him keep Oliver, or do what is best for Oliver by helping him escape, especially as she knows that Brownlow is looking for Oliver when he learns of Oliver's true heritage.


Fagin - Steven Sayer
Nancy - Carrie Green
Bill Sykes - Richard Mays
Bullseye - Opal
Oliver - Tyler Neumann
Mr Bumble - David Lea
Bet - Meri Haami
Artful Dodger - Stephen Dando
Mrs Bedwin - Mavis Fisher
Dr Grimwig - John Gregory
Mr Sowerberry - Allan Williams
Mrs Sowerberry - Gail Lucinsky
Charlotte - Marnie Thompson
Noah Claypole - Billy Richardson
Widow Corney:  Helyn Hughes
Mr Brownlow - Malcolm Hopwood

Workhouse Boys/Fagin’s Gang:
Dylan Reid, Toby Lockhart, Michael Yuan, Daniel Yuan,

Nicholas Marshall, Andy Mimmack, Alex Sinclair, Fergus Allan
Joe Bishop-Matthews, David Mock, Pierce Barber, Christian Wych
Thomas Signal, Richard Pearson, Read Wheeler, Taylor Hansen,
Conil Tod, Kieran Monk

Male Chorus: 
Anaru Davis, Doug Cardiff, Jeff Paewai, Gerry Evernden,
Hayden Giles, Scott Andrew, Grant Joyes, Jared Gardner, 
Andrew Jamieson

Female Chorus:
Andrea Cawood, Katrina Benjamin, Gayle Shirley, Zoe George,
Catherine Thompson, Christine Booker, Wendy Day, Jude Weavers,
Katte Johnston, Paula Fredericks, Anna Mildon, Chanel Saunders,
Elyse Moore, Hannah Day, Phoebe Allan