2005 	Back to the 80's

24 November  - 17 December 2005


Join the graduating class of William Ocean High School as they live through their final senior year and experience the fun, the heartbreak, the loves and the loneliness of growing up ... all set to the biggest hits of the 80's. 

Back to the 80's tells the story of the senior class of William Ocean High School that graduated in the 1980's, as remembered and seen through the eyes of Corey Palmer, who is now 30-something. The then 17 year old Corey is madly in love with his next door neighbour, Tiffany Houston, one of the coolest girls in the school. However, she barely notices this as she is too busy mooning over Michael Feldman, the hottest guy around. 
Michael and his friends are athletic and good looking the kind of guys that Corey and his two best friends dream of being. However, while they may not be the coolest guys in school, they are still one up on Feargal McFerrin ru, whose best friend is his computer and who believes the crazy notion that one day CDs will replace cassette tapes. 
The year commences with Class President elections. Michael steals Corey's election speech and when he uses his ideas and promises the girls a kiss for his vote, he becomes President, with Tiffany as his Vice President. 
Meanwhile, the teachers are having issues of their own. Mr Cocker, after being in a relationship for two years with the apparently conservative English teacher, Miss Sheena Brannigan, confiscates an old edition of Penthouse from a student, only to discover that his girlfriend is the centrefold. How will he cope? Will their relationship be able to survive this hurdle?


Corey Palmer - (Snr) Jeremy Matthews

Miss Sheena Brannigan - Andrea Lundy

Mr Stevie Cocker - Daniel Goodman

Corey Palmer (Jnr) - Clinton Lauridsen

Tiffany Houston - Carrie Green

Michael Feldman - Antony Riley

Cyndi Gibson - Raelene Watts

Alt Bueller - Alastair Manning

Kirk Keaton - Brendan Barriball

Lionel Astley - Jared Gardner

Billy Arnold - Darrell Allen

Huey Jackson - Grant Joyes

Feargal McFerrin III - Doug Cardiff

Mel Easton - Erin Simmons

Kim Easton - Rocky Rowland

Eileen Reagan - Amy Hunt

Laura Wilde - Nickee Stephenson

Debbie Fox - Amelia Stewart

Jean-Michael Hasselhoff - Adam Praat

Whitney Lauper - Mamie Thompson

Annie Moyet - Rae Manderson

Alison Lennox - Pam Crosado


Keyboards-Melanie Smith 
Drums -Hamish Carrington,Hayden Lauridsen
Guitar Matiu -Whiting 
Bass Guitar -Tom Pendergrast, Nathan Lauridsen 
Saxophone -Dave Edmonds ,Jonathan Woolley