2003	Tell Me on a Sunday

14 - 22 February 2003


Tell Me On A Sunday tells the tale of a young English woman's trials and tribulations in love when she arrives in New York. 

Brimming with optimism, she sets out to seek success, companionship and, of course, love. But as she weaves her way through the maze of the city and her own anxieties, frustrations and heartaches she begins to wonder whether - in fact - she's been looking for love in all the wrong places. Through the course of the evening, she finds new strength and new maturity, as well as personal success.

Tell Me on a Sunday was originally a hit album and television special written for Marti Webb in 1979. Subsequently it was seen on in London and on Broadway as one half of Song & Dance. This brand new production features many of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Don Black's most famous and poignant songs, including the title song, Take That Look Off Your Face and Unexpected Song. But now Tell Me on a Sunday has been expanded to a whole evening's entertainment and also features five brand new songs written especially for this production.

The music and lyrics for Tell Me on a Sunday are considered to be amongst the best in modern musical history. The one-woman show has been expanded and reworked for this new production to provide a stand-alone musical extravaganza. 


EMMA - Joanne Steward