2001 A Slice of Saturday Night

29 November - 22 December 2001


It's Saturday Night at the provincial "Club A-Go-Go" and three blokes and four birds are out on the pull. The girls, chalk-faced, pale lipped and lacquered to perfection are desperate to look like Twiggy, Sandy Shaw or Dusty Springfield. The lads in their button-down collars and leather caps are all would-be Beatles or embryo Donovans. However, beneath the girls' skimpy Mary Quant and St Laurent copied dresses beat virginal Barbara Cartland hearts, while inside the lads' cool, hipster trousers lurk the impulses which have driven adolescents to distraction since the dawn of time.
Sue is going out with Gary, who chats up Penny and any other bit of stuff that looks his way. Sharon fancies Rick who fancies Sharon but can't pluck up courage to tell her because she hasn't told him.Eddie fancies Bridget who doesn't fancy anyone.And so, watched over by ageing rocker Eric (Rubber-legs) De Vere, the club's seen-it-all, done-it-all owner, we follow then as they wend their way through teenage sexual mores as rigid and predictable as any New Guinea tribesman's initiation rights.


ERIC - Steven Days
RICK - David Arnold
GARY - Nickoli Vlcek
EDDIE - Jonathan Batty
TERRY - Mark Arnold
SHARON - Val Douglas
SUE - Destine Greatbatch
BRIDGET -Katte Pierce
PENNY - Lorena Bradshaw
SHIRL - Amy Hunt
JOHN - Darryl Whitton
NIGEL - Scott Andrew
DEIDRE - Rocky Watson
Suzy Harvey, Graham Johnston, Jonathan Woolley, Michael Green, Raschella Liley, BJ Hiha