16 - 25 August 2001

42nd Street tells the story of a humble, naïve young actress named Peggy Sawyer who has come to audition for a new Broadway musical,. Unfortunately, due to her nervousness, Peggy arrives to the audition late and misses her chance to join the chorus. Luckily, Peggy soon catches the eye of the famous director, Julian Marsh, and he gives Peggy her big break. However, the show's aging leading lady, Dorothy Brock, quickly grows to dislike Peggy. On opening night, Ms. Brock falls and breaks her ankle. Panic spreads through the company, as the show is doomed for closure, until it is suggested that Peggy take the roll. In only thirty-six hours, Peggy learns twenty-five pages, six songs and ten dance numbers and becomes a star.



PEGGY SAWYER - Keri Harper
JULIAN MARSH - Richard Mays
MAGGIE JONES - Louise Days
DOROTHY BROCK - Joanne Steward
BERT BARRY - Kevin Rush
ANDY LEE - Dean McKerras
ANNIE REILLY - Natalie Kaye
ABNER DILLON - David Dougherty
PAT DENNING - Karl Perigo
MAC/DOC/THUG - Clark Stevens
OSCAR - Roger Buchanan

Scott Andrew, David Arnold, Mark Arnold, Doug Cardiff, Richard Davies, Ellen Ford, Sue Granger, Laura Innes, Jenna Ivamy, Kristin Jaques,
Chris Kelly, Glenn London, Karen London, Michelle Luke, 
Sarah McAllister, Leanne Melbye, Danny Nuku, Lynley Nuku-Wood, Johanna Pratt, Clare Schatzdorfer, Erin Simmons, Eileen Skipp, 
Leigh Stewart, Shaun Taiaki, Tiffany Walker, Jodi Vuleta

Linda Hammond, Andrea Cameron, Lorraine Carr, Pat Collins, 
Anna Doogan, Maryanne Kensington, Judith Weavers, Sarah Neustroski, Mary Somerville, Judith Thomas, Doug Mawson